LAWKHA Irrigation and Fence Program

Climate change has resulted in the upper mountain streams drying up quickly after the monsoon rains. Rice is grown during the monsoon season. A vegetable crop has traditionally been grown between the Monsoon seasons. The lack of water means that the vegetable crop is no longer able to be grown. This has impacted the community greatly resulting in the shortage of food and causing malnutrition.

In November 2019 we distributed 4 tons of rice (160 bags) to the poorest most vulnerable people in the community.

We require co-funding to engage expert contractors to install the pump (latest technology with no electricity required) and water supply to connect to the irrigation system. We also require co-funding to purchase materials for the local villagers to construct a strong fence and for the integration of solar-powered electric fence technology.

This project will revolutionise the current primitive farming practices and will be pioneering technology into these remote and isolated communities for the first time. Upon completion, this blueprint can be rolled out to many agricultural areas in Myanmar experiencing similar water shortage challenges. Total funds required is $89,000. Total funds raised as of 1 December 2019 is $46,000.

LAWKHA Irrigation and Fence Program
Start Date:
21 Mar 20
Estimated Completion:
21 Nov 20
Estimated Cost:
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