No Roads Health Expedition - Tufi Coast


A message from Stewart Kreltszheim, Project Manager (No Roads - Health) & Expedition Guide:

"I went to Tufi on the coast of PNG for a relaxing holiday and quickly realised that No Roads - Health needed to return here.  Whereas the villages of The Kokoda Track are isolated by rugged terrain, these villages are denied health care by vast expanses of water which are susceptible to strong winds and rough seas.  The Health Centre in this region cannot cope with the demand placed on them with their limited resources and they, along with the villages, are hopeful that we can replicate what we have done in the highlands in this beautiful coastal region."

Since Papua New Guinea gained its independence from Australia back in 1975, the country’s healthcare has been a major issue. It has had some of the worst maternal mortality rates in the world, high infant mortality rates and a low ratio of healthcare workers to population.

Thankfully, this is beginning to change, and more focus on community healthcare programmes is increasing awareness and improving education around the issue. That’s why No Roads Foundation is delighted to support DFAT, PNG health authorities and partner NGO's to help make a difference.

The No Roads - Health expedition aims to introduce healthcare professionals into local villages, providing general medical care while passing on knowledge and skills to local people. The education is centred around maternal and infant health, wound and infection management, and nutrition. Making a real difference when and where it matters.

If that’s something you’ve always wanted to do, then this is the trek for you. Get in touch to find out more or discuss the itinerary of our tours.


9 days

It will be necessary to be cognisant of the fact that we will be in a rural environment in PNG with minimal electricity and limited facilities.  The target audience will be PNG Health Care Workers and Village Health Volunteers.  At times, English of participants may be limited.

Each participant / client of a No Roads Health expedition will be responsible for self-funding or fundraising their own expedition costs.  This will be supported by the No Roads Health team.

An expedition shirt will be designed and supplied to all participants.

Flights and all PNG logistical arrangements will be facilitated by No Roads Expeditions including the procurement of porters, food, accommodation, etc.

A detailed list of what each participant should take will be provided to each member of the expedition 2 months prior to the expedition dates. 

Travel insurance that includes medical evacuation is considered mandatory. 


Closed Private Expeditions are not included in this schedule.
Minimum numbers for the scheduled expeditions are required, typically 6 people. Please contact our office regarding our scheduled departures to discuss your needs.

There are many benefits to volunteering to help others.  It's not just that "feel good" moment that comes from helping others.  Volunteering in remote communities changes your perspective as you realise how reliant we are on modern conveniences.  Sometimes, going back to basics, we see the value in what we do.  To teach is to give that skill for others to grow.

Interested in participating in a health expedition?  Contact us for more information foundation

Day 1 - Sunday - Arrive in POM and overnight 

Day 2 - Monday (Early AM) - Fly to Tufi, pack all consumables for the week ahead, overnight Tufi Resort 

Day 3 - Tuesday  - Boat to Tumari Bay (B1) with packed lunch (L1), Clinic for Tumari / Berubona and overnight Tumari  

Day 4 - Wednesday - Boat to Sinei or Vovo (B2) for am clinic, boat to Tufi Resort (B3) for late lunch, PM - Visit Tufi Health Centre and restock, boat to Garewa (B4) for overnight

Day 5 - Thursday- Boat to Marassa (B5 - with packed lunch- L2) for am clinic, boat to Awanae (B6-Tomlins) for overnight 

Day 6 - Friday  - Boat to Utukwaf (B7) for am clinic then to Jebo (B8) for late lunch and overnight

Day 7 - Saturday - AM clinic at Orotoaba, lunch, PM clinic at Jebo and overnight 

Day 8 - Sunday - Boat to Tufi (B9) for returning goods, restocking, finalising statistics and reports, lunch and afternoon off followed by final dinner and overnight at Tufi Dive Resort

Day 9 - Monday (Early AM) - Flights Tufi - Port Moresby – Australia.

The expedition differs from other projects in that this is not a short-term goal. Our aim is to provide a consistent, coordinated approach that delivers real outcomes over time. It aims to consult local communities and work with them in the most effective way possible. Most importantly the project is ongoing, with approximately four expeditions each year visiting communities now and into the future.

Each of our expeditions focus on 3 key areas:

1. Attend to the immediate health care / eye care needs of the people we meet in remote villages and identify any children that may benefit from specialist medical care in Port Moresby or Australia.

2. Develop and train the local Community Health Care Workers and Village Health Volunteers - build their capacity and knowledge.

3. Provide health education to the children in village schools in areas such as hygiene, dental health, sexual and reproductive health.


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