Chin State Village Health Volunteers

NREF first visited Lautu region in November 2018 and developed relationships with local village elders and the community who appointed respected representatives to take on the important roles of Village Health Volunteers (VHV).

In April 2019, NREF returned and conducted extensive training of 8 VHVs from 4 separate villages. In November 2019, an additional 6 VHVs were inducted and training rolled out in 7 separate villages, focusing on correctly distributing medicine, vitamins, toothbrushes, soap, Days for Girls kits and Birthing Foundation kits.

Trips are scheduled for April and November 2020 to further upskill and provide even more urgently required supplies.

The initial impact of these programs has resulted in the improved general wellbeing of these poor and isolated communities. A new focus on health, hygiene and nutrition has resulted in a noticeable uplift and optimism throughout these rural communities.

Start Date
21 Mar 20
Estimated Completion
04 Apr 20
Estimated Cost
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