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    The strength of assisting to build community capacity in the remote areas where we work is the amazing network of volunteers who assist with the programs we deliver.  


No Roads Foundation's primary work has been to inject health and educational professionals into remote areas to support local health care workers and teachers, and where required, provide infrastructure and resources to ensure we are building capacity and not replacing it.  

Projects are undertaken in remote areas of PNG, Indonesia, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. 

All of our projects have one main objective.  To work in a spirit of collaboration and undertake projects in remote areas that improve the lives of disadvantaged people by building community capacity. 

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No Roads Foundation invest in projects that aim to improve the lives of people within the remote communitines that we visit.  Our programs deliver educational support and mentoring to the health care workers and teachers in remote areas with the assistance of experienced volunteers who are passionate about giving assistance to others. 

In order to make a difference, projects are designed so that communities can continue with the knowledge gained long after we are gone.  

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