Kokoda Track Community Healthcare Worker Development

The Health workforce in PNG is an essential component of providing primary care to the population, especially those living in remote regions where, due to their geographical location, accessibility to health care facilities are limited.   To enable Health Care Workers to provide high quality care and service to these communities, educational qualifications, good training and ongoing professional development are paramount.

Working with Kokoda Initiative, NREFA have recently delivered professional development to 20 Community Health Workers and nurses at Sorgeri Lodge.

The five day course provided professional development and training to the Nurses and CHWs in attendance,  designed to reinforce the knowledge of basic principles that can contribute to improved health outcomes in patient management.  The content also complemented the presentations being provided by local health administrative bodies, and reinforced the important role that CHWs play in the community. 

We are planning to undertake several of these programs in collaboration with our partners in 2020.


Start Date
11 Sep 19
Estimated Completion
31 Dec 25
Estimated Cost
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