Myanmar Health Expeditions

An NREFA team have recently returned to Myanmar to further establish relationships with locals and determine areas where assistance can be given to strengthen communities and build capacity. 

The villagers in the target regions are in urgent need of medical assistance. They are disadvantaged in an already poor country with limited basic services. The majority of the people living in the targeted areas are primarily subsistence farmers and do not have the necessary finances and means to travel to the main cities to access health services. There is also a high level of illiteracy which results in the inability to remotely address and diagnose required care.

The requirement for basic first aid training to conduct diagnosis and treatment for ongoing management of remote health issues, will have a positive effect, and improve the lives and wellbeing of the local people.

In November, 2018, Andrew and Sue Grasby travelled to Myanmar with the assistance of the Hakha Chin Community based in Yangon, and carried out a sanctioned health research project in the Sentung mountain region of Chin State. Please refer to the NREFA Project Report – November 2018.

Following this trip, Sue Grasby travelled back to Chin State in April, 2019 to continue the good will established, and focused on setting up the foundations for our health model of training health volunteers and birth assistants in the villages. This was with a view for health teams to attend in the future to continue the training, and also provide clinical assistance as per the PNG East Coast model. Please refer to the NREFA Project Report - April 2019.

The primary objective over time is to train and assist local Village Health Volunteers and Birth Assistants, and supply basic first aid supplies and medicines. It is intended that eventually the villages will have trained local health resources to attend to their community health issues at a local level.

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