No Roads Education Expedition - Kokoda


Ongoing support of qualified teachers posted in remote areas of PNG is important in order to ensure teachers are up to date with best teaching practice, and are well equipped to provide high level outcomes for all students.  

Teams of experienced Australian educational professionals work alongside the teachers in classrooms, assisting with lesson planning, and modeling good teaching practices, including activities to apply factual knowledge, develop critical thinking skills, utilise problem solving methods, create new applications using known information and results evaluation. Australian teachers work with the local teachers to find ways to bring effective, higher cognitive skill development into the curriculum.   

This expedition is 8 days, with 6 days (6 nights) trekking and working in the remote schools alongside teachers. That's just over 1 week of teacher school holidays! What better way to help our nearest neighbours than to do so while trekking through this amazing countryside.

Per Person Twin Share,
Ex Port Moresby
Papua New Guinea
8 days
Dry Season

The No Roads Education treks visit the central region of the Kokoda Track, and the Northern Beaches area of Oro Province.  Expeditions focus on providing mentoring and support to the teachers within each school we visit.  A sample of the Kokoda track expedition is listed below.

Expedition Day 1: Travel From Australia to Port Moresby

Expedition Day 02 -  Flight from POM to Efogi

Expedition Day 3 -  Teaching at Kavovo Primary School

Expedition Day 4 - Teaching at Kavovo Primary School and Trek to Efogi

Expedition Day 05 - Teaching at Efogi Primary School

Expedition Day 06 - Trek Efogi to Menari (via Brigade Hill)

Expedition Day 7 - Teaching at Menari Primary School & Flight from Menari to POM

Expedition Day 8  - Travel from Port Moresby to Australia

No Roads Education are continuing to develop sustainable professional development programs that will benefit those in the regions we visit.  We are looking for teachers with specific skills sets that will enable to program to be a high quality training program to embed teacher knowledge through professional development mentoring.

The rudimental conditions are very different to Australian Schools.  There are no computers, and minimal books for children to learn from.  Most of the children know little about the outside world. The conditions are very different to what we see, but the children are very receptive and eager to learn, and the local teachers appreciate all the assistance they are given. 

The expedition focuses on providing teacher education and training with a professional development session building literacy skills, health and hygiene, maths, english, and physical education.  The local teachers are supported by our team in the classroom to assist with implementing newly learnt processes and really benefit from the sessions provided.  The sustainability of the program occurs by giving the PNG teachers the vital skills to improve their teaching practice into the future so that everyone continues to benefit.

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There are many benefits to volunteering to help others.  It's not just that "feel good" moment that comes from helping others.  Volunteering in remote communities changes your perspective as you realise how reliant we are on modern conveniences.  Sometimes, going back to basics, talking without interruption, we see the value in what we do.  To teach is to give that skill for others to grow.

Our trekking schedules are designed to give teams the opportunity to witness first hand village life.  

It will be necessary to be cognisant of the fact that we will be in a rural environment in PNG with no electricity and limited facilities.  The target audience will be PNG teachers.  While English is the main language of education, it is often the third language spoken which adds to the complexity of assisting with education.

Each participant/client of a No Roads - Education expedition will be responsible for self-funding or fundraising their own expedition costs.  This will be supported by the No Roads - Education team.

An expedition shirt will be designed and supplied to all participants.

Flights and all PNG logistical arrangements will be facilitated by No Roads Expeditions including the procurement of porters, food, accommodation, etc.

A detailed list of what each participant should take will be provided to each member of the expedition 2 months prior to the expedition dates.

Travel insurance that includes medical evacuation is considered mandatory. 

Closed Private Expeditions are not included in this schedule.

Minimum numbers for the scheduled expeditions are required, typically 6 people. Please contact our office regarding our scheduled departures to discuss your needs.


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