Sponsorship of a Village Health Volunteer (VHV) to become a Community Health Worker (CHW)

This project identifies the best of the VHV's and supports thier progression and training over a period of two years to get them to the Year 12 stage of education.

This training is currently self-funded and once participants have completed the training, they have the opportunity to apply for a No Roads Expeditions Foundation (NREF) scholarship to enrol in the quite expensive tertiary training to become a CHW.

NREF is committed to the ongoing sponsorship of one male and one female each year with the stipulation that on successful competion of their tertiary course, they return to their local cocmmunity and work in the Tufi Health Centre for a aperiod equivalent to that of their sponsorship (normally 2 years).

Start Date
11 Jan 19
Estimated Completion
31 Dec 25
Estimated Cost
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