Environmental Statement

No Roads Expeditions Foundation is committed to reducing its environmental footprint, signifying our promise to minimising the environmental effect of our Australian operations and overseas humanitarian aid work. We recognise the importance of all No Roads Expeditions Foundation stakeholders understanding the synergy between our environmental sustainability efforts in Australia and the humanitarian aid work in the countries we serve.

The purpose of this statement is to improve climate change and environmental sustainability, while avoiding negative environmental impacts, that may be caused by the foundation’s operations and international development during the strategy, deployment and decommissioning of our work.

Through a united and conscious effort to change the way we work, all of the foundation’s stakeholders play their part in reducing the resources we consume, by focussing on reduced consumption, recycling, improving waste management and promoting awareness of environmental impacts.

 No Roads Expeditions Foundation is further committed to

1. Travel reduction by clustering travel purposes, ensuring appropriate transportation is used during overseas mission expeditions, programs and projects, utilising online communication and meeting options effectively

2. Using innovation to improve environmental sustainability for our beneficiaries

3. Building stakeholder knowledge and understanding the importance of environmental sustainability as a global issue

4. Encouraging individual ownership of reducing their environmental footprint

5. Ensuring best pollution minimisation practices in the foundation’s activities

6. Considering environmental impacts in purchases, where appropriate and applicable

7. Complying with all relevant Australian Government environmental legislation and initiatives.

No Roads Expeditions Foundation is proactive in evaluating and progressing its environmental performance. If you would like further information, please contact No Roads Expeditions Foundation on foundation@noroadsfoundation.org.

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