The following are some of the projects we have already completed.

Medical Outreach Patrols

Outreach patrols by local Health Teams have been fundamental in maintaining community health during the Pandemic.

Tufi Connect

Keeping communities together and health care workers trained during the Pandemic was challenging but we found a way. Here’s how!

Tufi Education Project

Teachers need support and mentoring on an ongoing basis. We are sending educators to help teachers in the Tufi region.

Solar Lighting For Mangil Elementary School

Teachers need solar power to put together lesson plans for the following day and these plans are often done at night.

Solar Lighting For Kovovo Primary School

Fundamental to the learning process is the ability for teachers to work after hours and this is where solar power is needed.

Text Books For Kovovo Primary School

A school without books is not much of a school. We are resourcing schools that need books for learning.

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