Solar Lighting For Kavovo Primary School

Recruitment of teachers to remote areas like Kavovo is a difficult, but important, challenge to overcome. Many of the recruited teachers come from provincial cities where conditions are improved and power is available. A move to Kavovo without necessary utilities is not attractive, and teachers appointed are reluctant to bring their families with them to the region. Studies have shown that one incentive for teachers to continue on their tenure in remote regions is to have suitable living and working conditions. 

A priority of Agencies working along the Kokoda Track is to improve teacher conditions to assist with recruitment and retention of teachers in the region. The addition of solar lighting further enhances the attractiveness of working and remaining in the region.


Teachers currently have reduced capacity to plan their lessons for the following day as natural light is gone by 5.30 pm.  Lesson plans are a vital key in allowing teachers to plan and stay on track while teaching, allowing them to teach more and assist students reach their objectives. The better prepared the teacher is, the more likely they will be able to handle whatever unexpectedly happens in the lesson.  Without solar lights, lessons are planned by fire light, which is not conducive to productivity and not helpful to the students education.

With the assistance of the Rotary Club of Finley, we have not only installed solar in the teacher houses, but each of the classrooms at the Kavovo Primary School. 

The solar installation assists teachers with their lesson planning, and provides the teachers with improved living conditions, as well as assisting students with their learning in improved classroom conditions. 


11 Jan 2019


26 Jan 2019



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