Aid Kits For Kids

In October 2023, NREF commenced a programme to provide First Aid Kits to schools along the remote Tufi coastline.

First Aid kits were provided to 7 schools, with teachers and Village Health Volunteers inducted into the programme.

The Teachers allocate school time each week where the VHVs attend the schools, administer First Aid, and report to the Community Health Officer.

Feedback from the Chief Health Officer after 6 weeks: “We have noted a dramatic drop in the outpatient presentations of infected wounds in school-aged children. A great program to continue please”

Sepsis (Life-threatening infection) is a serious issue in PNG claiming many children’s lives.

The incidence of sepsis peaks in early childhood with more than 50% of all cases occurring in children under 10.

This project is having an immediate positive impact on Children’s health and we will be restocking and expanding the programme to other schools from February 2024.


February 2024


Nov 2024



Project Name/Customer Reference : Aid Kits For Kids

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