Kina For Kids

At the end of a trek or a visit to PNG, we are often asked by clients how they can help those who live in the remote villages.  We know people genuinely want to help, yet the momentum is lost when they return home. 

In April 2017, No Roads Education launched the Kina for Kids project to raise funds to assist with supplying resources to remote schools. 

The concept of Kina for Kids is simple – rather than exchanging your remaining PNG kina or toea, or taking it home as a keepsake, clients are asked to consider donating their leftover money to Kina for Kids, with the knowledge that all funds raised will be used directly to assist the schools in the rmote villages that we have visited.

Money raised is used to purchase additional school resources for the teachers such as school text books and other much needed supplies.  Any amount donated is greatly appreciated.






$10000 plus

Project Code/Customer Reference : Project6

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