Student Packs

Imagine going to school without books and pencils to write on.  Imagine a three day walk to get to the shops to purchase supplies, only to find you don’t have the money to buy them.  Schools in remote areas are under resourced with basic supplies, leaving children to write lessons with chalk on the floor. 

Our Student Pack project has seen the delivery of over 400 student packs to the students in remote schools along the Kokoda Track.  The packs provide children with exercise books, pens and pencils, and other items to help with their school year.  

The packs are purchased by trekkers and hand delivered to schools.  We believe this is a great way to assist by delivering resources that really do make a difference to those living in remote areas. 

You can help too by purchasing a pack (or 10). Click here to purchase these packs. Ordering a pack will be delivered directly to you.  Packs cost $30 (plus $5 for postage) and contain all a student needs for a school year.







Project Code/Customer Reference : Project5

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