Volunteer Scholarship – Community Health Care Worker

In November 2022, a medical expedition team set foot back on the ground in the Tufi District of Oro Province in PNG for the first time in over three years due to the Covid Pandemic. This is a place dear to us tht we first visited about seven years ago.

In 2017, we undertook some basic health volunteer and birth assistant training with a group of 40-50 locals nominated by their village elders. Many have stayed enthusiastic and engaged with the Health Clinic and staff, continuing to volunteer and help throughout the very difficult pandemic years when we were unable to visit.

The November 2022 medical expedition team would like to reward some of these locals for their dedication and hard work, by sponsoring them to study further and obtain their qualification as a “Community Health Worker”. They will then be better able to educate and treat the local village children who are currently suffering badly from skin conditions such as scabies (demonstrated in the photos).

This 2 year course costs about $5000 AUD / year; therefore $10,000 per person over two years. The No Roads Foundation is committed to supporting this group and vital cause for the betterment of our PNG friends and family in the Tufi District.


Nov 2022


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Project Updates

27th July 2021

5000 Masks Goal Reached

Wearing a mask helps you to protect yourself and your loved ones from COVID-19.

Through the PNGAusPartnership – No Roads Expedition Foundation is working with the Kokoda Initiative on its second stage of the face mask project in Papua New Guinea.

These reusable face masks reduce the risk of COVID-19 and protect students and teachers in school, enabling them to continue their education.

The project also creates a micro-industry for five local seamstresses from Sogeri in Central Province, at a time when employment opportunities have been limited by the pandemic.

So far, more than 5,000 face masks have been produced with the standard pattern and guidelines complying with recommended World Health Organisation standards.

These face masks have been distributed to all 60 schools and 14 health facilities across the Kokoda track region.

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