Village Health Volunteer Training – January 2024

Sponsor a volunteer to become a volunteer health care worker/advocate in their community for AUD$100 as a gift to your loved one for Father’s Day, Christmas, another special occasion or just because you want to support someone who is trying to make a difference in their village. After this training (Jan 2024) you will receive a letter from the newly trained volunteer healthcare worker that YOU sponsored detailing who they are and how they wish to use the training to better the health outcomes in their community.

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ALL donations are tax deductible.

The history of the Tufi Volunteer Association:

In 2017, we met with elders of each community in the Tufi district and asked them to select two males and two females from each village to undertake VHV training.

We returned the following week in dinghies to collect participants. By the time we returned to Tufi, the boats were overloaded with eager participants who were ready to undertake training in basic first aid and maternal health. No Roads Foundation doctors and midwives conducted the initial training.

We returned again in August 2018 for a follow-up session and were delighted to find out that a number of the VHVs that trained, were working daily in the Tufi Health Clinic supporting the staff health care workers.

In May 2019 we opened the VHV’s accommodation house which we built to provide volunteers in outlying villages a place to stay while working in the health centre, further developing and consolidating their skills. Under their own initiative, they have formed their own association with elected officials and now have a constitution and manage their own finances.

In May 2023, we facilitated the No Roads Foundation Volunteer of the Year awards – presenting prizes and certificates to volunteers that were judged by the local health staff as contributing the most to support the No Roads Foundations mission. This highlighted the great work these volunteers do and local community leaders have approached us to expand the network of volunteer health care workers in the many villages along the Tufi Coast. So, in January 2024 (Australia Day Weekend), we intend to return to run further training in partnership with Child Fund PNG.


11 May 2019


31 Dec 2025



Project Code/Customer Reference : VHV24

Project Updates

9 Aug 2021

Week 4 Buna Connect Update

Providing video-based training to our network of village health advocates included a session on managing fractures and applying casts. Rodney is a Community Health Care Worker in Buna working in the Health Centre re-built by the NREF in partnership with the Australian High Commission. He was able to complement the training delivered by our videos by providing practical demonstrations on how to apply a cast.

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